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Must-Try Delicious And Incredibly Nutritious Protein Shakes

It goes without saying that a mom can be considered one of the busiest individual in the family but this should not impede you from making sure that you opt for a healthy and nutritious diet. If you want a food that you can easily digest and even bring on-the-go without minding any inconveniences, then you should opt for protein shakes as they can bring more nutrition to your life than you think.

Gone are the days where you’ll think that Protein shakes are the disgusting products of the past, because through creativity and endless creations and taste tests, more recipes of protein shakes have been formulated which guarantee an end result that would meet your standards and even exceed it when it comes to nutrition and even taste. However, there are endless combinations for protein shake recipes that you could use today that it may even be not enough for you to try them all, making it important to pick those that you’ll love. Take note of some of the delectable recipes below and you may even find yourself the best protein shake for you.

The first recipe on the list is the Vanilla Coffee shake and you’ll certainly find it appealing as it will bring you your daily dose of protein coupled with the perfect amount of sweet for your sweet tooth along with caffeine to boost your energy for the day. The ingredients and the process involved in making this shake is nothing complex because all you have to do to reach that creamy goodness is to blend low-fat millk, coffee-flavored ice cream and vanilla-flavored powder protein and once the mix is that, you can indulge on it immediately and head to your daily regime brimming with satisfaction and energy.

If you’re the type who’s more inclined with the taste of fruit rather than a dash of sweetness and caffeine, then an orange juice shake could very well fit your liking. You could boost your overall health with the orange juice by rendering you with an outstanding amount of Vitamin C, all while making sure that your taste buds are more than satisfied with its taste. Simply blend and mix a strawberry flavor protein powder, a vanilla scoop and large oranges and you could get the orange protein shake of your dreams, which you can sweeten by a bit as well with a teaspoonful of sugar.

Berries is also a great fruit to consider when making a protein shake as not only are they tasty, they are even healthy with their abundant vitamins coupled with antioxidant properties. It is not difficult to fall in love with the berry milkshake because with a protein powder in hand coupled with ice, non-fat milk and your diverse array of berries, you can get a healthy dose of nutrition while being able to taste extreme goodness.